Tango en Rosario, Santa Fe

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Rosario, Santa feSanta FeLitoral Argentino
Claudio omar rubió. was born in rosario on may 18, 1963. he studied tango dancing at the "escuela municipal de danzas de rosario " for four years (from 1990 to the end of 1993), motivated by the love for tango transmitted to him by his grandfather who regarded this dance as a part of national history and a tradition that never dies. in january 1994, he took classes with cecilio garcía and miriam nielli, both dancers from the city of rosario . there, he met maría verónica who was in the same class. María verónica ruggieri was born in rosario on december 6, 1973, dancer and teacher specialized in classical dancing. verónica devoted most of her early youth to the art of dancing. after getting well acquainted with tango, her increasing admiration for tango music and dancing led her not only to enhance her tango technique and knowledge but also to devote most of her life to this wonderful art. In buenos aires , verónica and claudio attended classes given by top teachers. starting in september 1994 and for two consecutive years, they took classes from orlando paiva , who was born in rosario and has an internationally recognized professional career. verónica and claudio adopted his style and elegance, enhancing their tango technique and adhering to paiva´s dancing principles. In september 1995, they joined their lives, got married and started a joint professional career motivated by a great love that caught them from the first moment they met and danced together for the first time. 149; since 1995 they have been running a tango school in the club español in rosario . verónica and claudio have created a new method for the teaching and learning of tango dancing. at the end of the school year, certificates that give credit for the different dancing courses are awarded to students: tango, vals and milonga corresponding to three different levels: basic, intermediate and advanced. 149; tango workshop , in the historical "instituto tráfico sala mateo booz" in rosario city. 149; authors of two instructive dvds now on sale, named: "argentine tango fever", in which they provide plentiful information on the most important techniques to learn how to dance the (authentic "tango de salón". the dvds were produced at "the hollywood channel", during their last trip to california. 149; directors of the "pichincha tango ballet ", created in 1997 and performing both locally and nationwide. the ballet has its very own style authentic from rosario city and is made up of 7 dancing couples who are graduate students from the tango school previously mentioned. this ballet has taken part in different cultural events such as congresses, parties, opening ceremonies, etc