Teatros en Rosario, Santa Fe

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Rosario, Santa feSanta FeLitoral Argentino
Sign up if you would like to be informed about our new shows and upcoming presentations. e-mail. Having sound experience as teachers of english and drama we are now aiming at fostering the use of dramatics as a didactic resource for the teaching of english as a foreign language. we see drama as a most efficient means of acquiring linguistic competence in real communicative situations, by integrating analytical and rational thinking with a holistic experience, emotional and visual. learning through a theatrical performance awakens great pleasure and due to its motivating power, stimulates the need to use the language. as a way to acquire the foreign language, it develops both the conscious and unconscious aspects of learning: during the play the attention will be focused on the encoding and decoding of meaning; when the play is over exercises on vocabulary and grammar awareness will help reinforce learning through contextualized practice.. we believe that meaningful learning leaves traces students will hardly ever forget after having made the most of it. by undertaking this project, we attempt to promote the local production of educational plays with the objective of contributing to the pedagogical and cultural development of the city. © 2002 fancy fun group. all rights reserved. rosario, argentina